Countdown to 2023 Hurricane Season

My Safe Florida Home

FL Legislature voted to provide the MSFH program with $176,170,000 to fund existing grant applications already in the queue. 

We will not accept any new grant applications until additional funding is made available.

The MSFH Program will continue to:

  • Review and process already submitted grant applications. 
  • Process final inspection and grant reimbursement requests.
  • Accept and approve new requests for initial FREE wind mitigation inspections, based on available inspection funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Basics

When will additional grant funds be available?

The Program cannot guarantee that additional grant funds will be available. The Florida Legislature may provide more grant funds during the coming Legislative session in January of 2024.

Do people really get their money?

As of July 20, 2023, over $40 million in reimbursement grants have been distributed.

How does this program work?

  1. Apply for Inspection
    • Get your FREE Home Wind Mitigation Inspection.
  2. Receive Inspection Report
    • Results identify current hurricane-resistant features and recommended improvements.
  3. Qualify for Grant
    • Must be a Florida resident whose primary residence is a site-built, single-family home or townhouse.
  4. Make Recommended Upgrades
    • Qualifying homeowners must select an approved MSFH contractor to perform the specified wind mitigation improvements recommended by the free inspection.
  5. Report Home Improvements
    • After home upgrades are complete, you must request through your portal one final inspection to verify that all upgrades were made.
  6. Eligible for Lower Premiums
    • Contact your home insurance provider to discuss potential discounts
  7. Grant Reimbursement
    • Payment will be disbursed after a final home inspection occurs and all required documents are submitted.

Where is the contractor’s list?

The contractor’s list is available with the portal to all approved grantees.

My Safe Florida Program Contractors – Neighborly Software

What is the time frame for getting a grant?

All new applicants need to follow the MSFH Program steps.

  1. Apply for Inspection.
  2. Get Inspection and report.
  3. Apply for a grant if eligible.
  4. The application is reviewed and approved.

Right now, this process would take approximately 90 days.

What are the papers I need to upload to get my money?

  1. Invoice Cover Sheet.
  2. Original Contractor Invoice(s).
  3. Proof of Payment (Cancelled check, receipts, paid invoice.
  4. Insurance proof of premium discounts (email, letter, new quote from insurance agent that outlines what, if any, discount is available)

Do I have to pay for anything?

Your inspection is free of charge. Any expenses beyond your grant amount up to $10,000 is your expense.

Matching grants work through Reimbursement. According to Florida Statute 215.5586, 2(b), “All grants must be matched on the basis of $1 provided by the applicant for $2 provided by the state up to a maximum state contribution of $10,000 toward the actual cost of the mitigation project.” In other words, the homeowner must contribute funds equal to 1/3 of the cost of the project toward the project to be reimbursed for the remaining 2/3’s up to a maximum state contribution of $10,000.

How do I get into the portal?

Visit and click the access account tab in the upper right corner.

This will take you to the applicant portal so you can log into your account.

Who is eligible to apply for a free inspection?

ANY Floridian whose primary residence is a site-built, single-family, detached home is eligible to apply. Please review our Homeowner’s Guide for further information regarding eligibility.

What is the next step after inspection approval?

Upon approval of your inspection application, the Program will notify you via email (or an alternative if necessary) and provide you with the name and contact information of the inspection firm assigned to inspect your home. An inspector will contact you within one week to schedule a free inspection.

Where can I find a list of eligible upgrades for my home?

Review the information on the Home Hardening Upgrades page of your inspection report (page 6); these are the improvements recommended for your home that are eligible for reimbursement.

How do I request Reimbursement?

Requesting a Final Inspection through the program is the first step in the Reimbursement process. This Final Inspection is a wind mitigation inspection provided at no cost by the My Safe Florida Home Program. After you have completed this Final inspection, you will be able to submit a Reimbursement Draw Request through the system that includes all the required documents. For a full list of required documents, please review the Reimbursement Guide here.

What happens if I make a mistake on my Reimbursement Request?

Your Reimbursement Draw Request will be returned to you in the Neighborly system for resubmission. Please keep an eye out for an email from “Neighborly Software.” If you receive a return, you may return to the Applicant Portal to resubmit your Draw Request with any missing information. The return email you receive from “Neighborly Software” will include details as to what might be missing.

Where can I see the approved contractors for the program?

The approved MSFH contractor list will be available in a grant approval email.

Are grants taxable income?

No, grants are not taxable income. Please follow this link to learn more about tax information:

Specific Situations

How do I read my inspection report?

The key element of your report is the summary grid that identifies your home’s current strengths and weaknesses.  It is your map to your options when creating your home retrofitting plan.

If you are approved for a grant, only improvements suggested on page 6 of your initial inspection report are “recommended improvements.” If you have any questions about your report, please contact the inspection company from your original approval email.

Can I start the work now even though I’m still not approved?

No. Do not begin any work that you plan to be reimbursed by the program. You must wait until you receive your official grant approval email from the MSFH program.

How do I fill out the “reimbursement request?”

When work on your home is complete, you must initiate the Reimbursement or Disbursement process for BOTH types of grants by having your home inspected again. There is no other way to initiate the Reimbursement/Disbursement process without requesting a Final Inspection from the My Safe Florida Home program via the Applicant Portal.

After you have requested your Final Inspection, you will receive a notification similar to the Initial Inspection Approval email. Once your Final Inspection has been completed, the inspector will submit the Final Inspection Report to the MSFH portal. After your status has changed to “Pending Reimbursement Request,” if you are a Matching Grant recipient, you are ready to provide additional information through the Applicant Portal for Reimbursement.

If you are a Low-Income Grant recipient, you will need to return to the portal to upload an email, letter, or new quote from your insurance agent that outlines what, if any, discount is available, but it is the contractor’s responsibility to request payment from the Program portal and provide all relevant documents.

If you received a Matching grant, The homeowner will be responsible for uploading the following information into the system.
1. Invoice Cover Sheet.
2. Original Contractor Invoice(s).
3. Proof of Payment (Cancelled check, receipts, paid invoice.
4. Insurance proof of premium discounts (email, letter, a new quote from an insurance agent that outlines what, if any, discount is available

Can I replace my roof using grant funds?

If your inspection report contains a recommendation to add a Secondary Water-Resistant Barrier (SWR), then you may use program funds to replace your roof. Work with your contractor and local building officials to determine the best SWR product for your home, and that the selected product will pass local building code inspections.

Can I perform only some improvements that are recommended, or do I need to do all of them?

You do not need to do all of the listed improvments on your inspection report. We suggest performing the least-costly improvement that will give your home the most protection. However, you should perform what you can afford. We recommend discussing your options with local contractors.

If I can only afford to replace some, but not all, of my windows, is that reimbursable work?

Yes, so long as the Inspection Report recommends Opening Protection as an eligible improvement. Please review our Opening Protection Guide here.

How can I see the status of my application?

When you sign back into the Participant Portal (you can return to the portal at any time by using the “Apply Now” button on the website), your case “status” will be displayed in the righthand column.

I completed home hardening upgrades on my home prior to applying for the program. Am I eligible for Reimbursement?

Only recommended improvements identified in your Inspection Report are eligible for a grant under the My Safe Florida Home Program. Unfortunately, improvements that were completed prior to the Inspection Report’s recommendations are not eligible for reimbursement because prior improvements should not be recommended on the Inspection Report.

If I purchased materials or began work prior to receiving grant approval, can I be reimbursed?

All labor costs and materials purchases must be made after grant approval to be eligible for reimbursement.

My inspection report does not recommend any upgrades for my home. Can I still use a grant?

If the Inspection Report you received does not list any suggested upgrades, then you will not be eligible for a grant on any proposed home improvement. The My Safe Florida Home Program can only provide grants to help pay for recommended improvements.